Christina Renzelli, Business & Life Coach for Solopreneurs

Helping solopreneurs learn to trust their gut and follow their heart so they can network and sell in an authentic way.

Christina Renzelli
Business & Life Coach for Solopreneurs

When you started your business, you dreamed of freedom and unlimited income.

As a solopreneur you are the boss and have rich opportunities you didn’t have before as an employee.

But the daily challenges can be overwhelming. Being your own boss comes with a different kind of stress. And, finding the right clients while selling authentically feels scary and uncertain.

How can you learn to balance your time, while also finding a steady stream of clients and selling in a way that feels authentic?

Well … trying to figure it out by yourself is wasting your energy and money.

It’s time to create your own systems and strategies that work for you. You deserve to have a thinking partner who understands you to help you put it all in place.

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4 Ways to Set Your Solopreneur Business Up for Success