Episode 25: Are You in Spiritual Alignment as a Solopreneur?

What does it mean to be in spiritual alignment as a solopreneur?

What does that even mean?

I think it’s time to address the elephant in the room.

Life is a spiritual journey, and so is business. At least business can be a spiritual experience.

Life is a spiritual journey. It’s often the elephant in the room, but we are all here for a reason. You are not an accident. Your life is meaningful and has an important purpose.

We are spiritual beings having human experiences, and when you pay attention to the lessons, heartbreaks, failures, rejections, mistakes and wins, you will find meaning in the patterns and wisdom in the lessons. Life happens for you, for the evolution of your highest good.

In today’s episode, let’s explore the ways that starting and running a successful business as a solopreneur is a spiritual journey.

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One of the reasons that I love working with solopreneurs so much is that solopreneur businesses are a creation of one person’s ideas and dreams. They are living, thriving creations that you bring to life along your path in life.

Solopreneur businesses usually start with some kind of calling. You are being called to create something or help someone with your gifts, talents and expertise.

Or maybe you are being called away from something, like a soul-sucking job that has burned you out to a crisp?

Creating a service-based solopreneur business is a spiritual journey.

When you are in spiritual alignment, you will be in the flow.

You will have an intuitive sense of knowing. You will know things without a doubt.

You will let yourself be led by what you truly want. You will be able to feel it in your heart and soul.

You’ll be excited because you’ll feel propelled with energy that you can’t explain. It will all feel RIGHT.

You’ll start seeing signs and signals that seem to appear out of nowhere that give you hints and ideas.

Maybe you’ll stumble across a book title that holds information inside that is exactly what you’ve been needing.

Or maybe you’ll overhear a conversation in a coffee shop and catch a few sentences that feel like the exact message that you need to hear.

You’ll meet the right people.

You’ll be excited to get to work and bring your ideas to life.

I know this is true. I believe that everyone is intuitive and has the ability to tap into this superpower and use it to guide their business. You have this superpower within you.

So how do you know if you are not in spiritual alignment with your business?

Here are four questions to ask yourself that will get you back on track and in alignment.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get into Spiritual Alignment with Your Business

  1. Where are you hiding?

What parts of you are you hiding away from the world? Maybe you are trying to hide something that you used to get teased and bullied about when you were a kid?

If so, these parts of you need to be unhidden and embraced. These are the parts of you that make you uniquely who you are, and they are part of your gifts.

For me, it was my intuitive ability. I was a sensitive kid and I had intuitive abilities to see things others did not see and predict things with a hundred percent accuracy. I had dreams that would come true and knew things that I had no way of knowing. These parts of me were called weird so I always hid them away, but now I know it’s part of who I am and honor the gifts.

2. Are there parts of your business that you dread? Where are you experiencing resistance?

Where do you feel like you are swimming upstream? If there are parts of your business where you feel like you have to force yourself to do something or you procrastinate, these are signs that you are out of alignment.

For example, I have clients who force themselves to post on social media every single day. They don’t enjoy the posts, and the messages can be kind of general and unexciting. Because they are not excited about posting the message! They were told by some “expert” that they have to post daily.

But the message isn’t connecting with their clients, and they are stressed out by the daily posting. And it takes up valuable time.

My advice is to focus on conveying your message in ways that are 1. Enjoyable to you and 2. Sustainable for the long term. In this way, your message will connect with the right people, in alignment.

Because if you feel like it’s an uphill battle, you will eventually want to take a break and stop doing it. Willpower only works for so long.

It’s much easier to find ways that feel aligned with you and what sparks joy for you. This is how you create a sustainable habit.

3. Where are you withholding your true desires and wants?

Your true wants hold the key to your success, so don’t deny them. Examine them and work toward them. You may be holding onto a belief that is getting in your way and talking you out of believing you can have what you want.

We all have these beliefs in some ways, and they hold the clues that we need to examine so we can get the mental and spiritual freedom to get unstuck and get what we want and deserve for our highest good.

An example of this would someone who wants to work a four day work week instead of 5. This would give you an extra day of rest, which would help you generate deeper creative ideas that turn into money making projects.

4. What’s the difference between your comfort zone and your flow?

I think it’s important to recognize the difference between comfort zone and your flow. There is a big difference between staying in a comfort zone and going with the flow. The flow doesn’t mean that you stay in your comfort zone.

When you are in your comfort zone, you are hiding, plateauing, staying safely the same. In the comfort zone, you are avoiding growth and avoiding learning.

In the flow, you are navigating obstacles and learning from them, as you get hints and learn lessons along the way, but the “river” is pulling you along your journey. You aren’t staying in one place. You still have to paddle sometimes. You are still moving along in your journey.

This is different than trying to swim or paddle upstream, which is almost worse than staying in your comfort zone.

I believe that being in alignment simplifies everything in your life and business.

If you can shift from “I wonder if things have a spiritual element” to “Everything has a deeper spiritual meaning and lesson for me,” everything gets simplified.

If you can shift to believe that everything in your life is working for you, this will change everything for you forever.

Being a successful solopreneur is equal parts inner transformation and outer results. You could try to work only on logical, data driven goals, but you’ll get much further faster if you work on the inside. Results are an inside job.

True, lasting success comes when you are aligning the spiritual with the practical.

Trusting your intuition is the key.

This aligns you with your true essence and purpose.

Then all the other parts of running a successful business fall into place.

You’ll know where to spend your time, money and energy.

You’ll be able to market with honesty and network in a way that creates lasting, meaningful connections.

You’ll understand why selling your service is life changing and you’ll feel authentically aligned with money and selling.

You’ll be excited to expand your business and serve more people. And you’ll have more time because you’ll be in your flow, which is pure freedom.

It all becomes super practical when you are spiritually aligned. And the opposite is true when you are not in alignment.

This is great news for you if you are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed or stuck. This means you just have some areas to examine and realign. And I can help you with this, just send me an email at christina@nullrichlysuccessful.com to set up a free discovery call.

Thanks for listening today!